Yes,I have two separate breeds in my cattery featuring white cats with blue,green,gold,or odd eyes.I have always been fasinated by, and studied, genetics in cats.I intend to further my research on these,the most misunderstood,complicated and confusing,and, illusive genes,those of white cats and their eye colours.These breeds will never be bred together.The KM is not an allowable outcross to the Sphynx and vice versa.To do so would greatly compromise the integrity of each and disrespect their breed.Deafness in blue-eyed whites is well known and feared.Although deafness is not a gene that can be bred in or out,the Khaomanees have a curious lack of deafness compared to other breeds.Likewise,odd eyes are not a gene,but are connected to a hair colour gene,and the chances of getting odd eyes in the KM is usually inevitable!As Mother Nature would have it,though,in all breeds,odd eyed parents,even with,odd eyed grandparents,can produce a litter of non odd eyed babies.Ironically,two white coloured parents can have "other" coloured kittens,beside white.Genetics are the blueprint for cats,and,breeding them.